Life Of India's Youngest Mountaineer

Forged to life on 9th June 93, Arjun was welcomed by his parents Capt. Sanjeev Vajpai & Priya Vajpai. Born and brought up in Noida, an alumni of Ryan International School, fascinated by mountaineering and adventure since childhood. Set out to become a child prodigy at an early age of 16.

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Arjun's Journey


At the age of 16 he summits Mt. Everest. Making it look like it was just a beginning for him


Arjun returns from the Mt. Everest and packs his bag to become youngest to summit Mt Manaslu (8,163 m)


The very same year Arjun became the Youngest mountaineer on Mt Lhotse (8,516 m).


Arjun missed out on Mt. Makalu for a couple of time but this time he summits Makalu on March 23.


Missing out on the first time, Arjun made sure he becomes the youngest Indian on Cho Oyu on his second attempt.


World's youngest eight thousander

5 out of 14 highest peaks summitted and various international expeditions under his belt. Arjun is all set to challenge himself for the mighty Kangchenjunga.


The ultimate challenge in the world of mountaineering

Kanchenjunga is the highest mountain in the world and the second highest mountain of the Himalayas. There are 4 climbing routes to reach the summit if Kangchenjunga, three of which are in Nepal and one from Sikkim in India. The Indian government has banned expeditions to Kanchenjunga from Sikkim, and therefore this route has been closed since 2000. Despite improved climbing gear the fatality rate of climbers attempting to summit Kanchenjunga is high. Since the 1990s, more than 20% of people died while climbing Kanchenjunga's main peak.

Height 8,586 METERS
Fatality Rate 22 %

Arjun's Location

Arjun's Location